Punta del Este

In spite of being one of the most important seaside resorts in America, just about a 100 years ago, Punta del Este was merely a small fishing village located in the south-east of the Republic.

Called at those times “Villa Ituzaingó”, it lacked not only a city council, but also a school. By the year 1906 a group of residents asked for the official settlement of the town, which would allow the development and progress of the emerging city. However, it was not until the 1940´s than its fame as an international seaside holiday resort began to be recognized.

Located exactly at the confluence of the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean, Punta del Este offers two different types of shores: “La Brava”, directlyfacing the Atlantic, is chosen by those keen on challenging foaming waves. “La Mansa”, calm and smooth, delights little children and those with a quiet nature. By being a narrow strip of land running out into the sea, it enjoys more air oxygenation and a larger proportion of ozone than any other coastal town.

Today, this resort city boasts: crowded beaches and isolated ones, intensity and calmness, fast food and sophisticated restaurants, the noise and simplicity you wish to have.

The port and its marvelous infrastructure attract sailors from all over the world. It is a cosmopolitan, safe beachfront resort, surrounded by splendid nature, where there is room for all kind of holiday makers.

In the evenings, places like the Casino, cinemas, and the artisans park or just a simple stroll over Gorlero, visiting shops which display products from all over the world. Later at night, along the beaches, from Solanas to La Barra, you will find well-known discos, open until dawn. But over all, the famous hospitality of the locals, natural hosts, who will make you feel at home.

It is simple to define it: Incredibly paradisiacal. This town welcomes more and more tourists from all over the world. These extensive kilometers of Uruguayan beaches, have turned into one of the tourist capital cities in the south cone.

Punta del Este is the place chosen by the ones who adore a wide range of options. There is noise and peace, sports and leisure, fame and anonymity, refinement and simplicity..
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1949 Hostel esta ubicado estratégicamente en el centro de Punta del Este. A 300 mts. de la terminal de bus, a 50 mts. de la playa Mansa y 400 mts. de la playa Brava, a 200 metros de calle Gorlero. Información para llegar desde Argentina, Uruguay y Brazil ya sea en barco, lancha, bus o avión...
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