How the Anglet Hotel, founded by Jacobo Marinovic in 1949, became the hostel it is nowadays.

Jacobo Marinovic
, coming from Yugoslavia, moved to República Oriental del Uruguay by the mid 1940´s. He was a very cultivated person and had great knowledge of calligraphy and Esperanto. His first years in the country were devoted to teach calligraphy in The National University of Maldonado.

Always loyal to his ideals, he struggled actively to promote the railway and tourism in Uruguay. At an early period in Punta del Este city, he used his skills and good manners to work as a waiter at the renowned building "La Cigalle", on Gorlero street, in downtown.

After some time and without being able to avoid his spirit of enterprise, he asked Banco Hipotecario for a loan, he then bought a piece of land located on the corner of 30 and 18 and built the house in which he later opened (1949) Anglet Hotel, named after a French beach that Jacobo had previously visited.

In the beginning, it was a small hotel completely run by the family. It was so cozy and familiar that there were times that -in the absence of the hosts- the guest were in charge of looking after the hotel, as if it
belonged to them. This was the way the owners made them feel.

The hotel stayed open for almost 50 years until it closed down in 1998 for a period of 6 years.

In 2004 we met the Marinovics, thought of carrying out Jacobo´s mission and re opened the hotel doors. For that reason we have arranged the place by respecting the old structure; yet, by adapting it for the new generation of travelers. 1949 hostel was opened by the end of 2004 with the aim to lodge any person wishing to visit this city privileged by nature, without distinction of race, creed or religion. Welcome to 1949.

We deeply thank Marinovic, Rubén García and the rest of the family for sharing part of the family history and trusting us with invaluable material.

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1949 Hostel esta ubicado estratégicamente en el centro de Punta del Este. A 300 mts. de la terminal de bus, a 50 mts. de la playa Mansa y 400 mts. de la playa Brava, a 200 metros de calle Gorlero. Información para llegar desde Argentina, Uruguay y Brazil ya sea en barco, lancha, bus o avión...
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